Growly and Barky Dogs

One of our most frequent requests is for help with dogs who are house angels and street devils - those who make walks a misery for their owners by barking ferociously at other dogs, causing others to avoid them and look accusingly at their owner as if it's all their fault.

Usually the dog is a much-loved family pet who is a delight when at home. Fortunately this is something that Beverley is well able to help you with.

Using BAT and Control Unleashed we can build your dog's confidence so that he no longer feels the need to react to what upsets him, rather to pass by without comment. Walks will turn into a pleasurable experience, as both dog and owner would prefer.

I really can't thank you enough for your help and time that you have put into our sessions and your emails. I was so downhearted before I contacted you as all I could foresee was a future with an anti-social dog that the neighbourhood feared. I was also worried about a dislocated shoulder in the near future if he continued to pull like he did! But after only three training sessions with you (and a lot of hard work at home) I can't wait to take Guy out and as a consequence he is fitter, slimmer and more content than I've ever seen him in our three years together. In fact I think I'm fitter, slimmer and more content as well! No more worries about my shoulder either as he walks so well with his Freedom Harness.
German Shepherd Dog owner, Wolverley

Walking is much better with him. I no longer fear going out, and actually look forward to walking with him.
Bulldog owner, Malvern

About BAT

Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) is a dog-friendly method for rehabilitating and preventing reactivity in dogs, helping them to learn socially acceptable ways to deal with the things that usually cause an outburst, instead of barking, lunging, or snarling, as many unfortunate dog-owners distressingly experience!

BAT works to build the dog's confidence so that he no longer feels the need to react to what upsets him, rather to pass by without comment.

Beverley is one of the first few trainers in the UK to have fulfilled the rigorous qualifications to become a Certified BAT Instructor (CBATI). A CBATI is a trainer who not only understands this force-free method of modifying dogs' behaviour, but can also teach others, and works well with clients.

The certification process requires a detailed video case study, a written exam with essay questions, a commitment to the principles of progressive reinforcement training, and at least 200 hours of experience training dogs using force-free training techniques.

Please feel free to discuss the possibility of home training by calling Beverley on 01943 234642, or by using the Contact us Form.

I wanted to thank you for all the help you have given with Coco as so much was achieved in a short time, making a huge difference in her behaviour. We would have still been floundering doing all the wrong things, without your help. BAT has been a godsend with my dog, she doesn't bark at anyone and passes by, walking nicely by my side so much more confident in herself.
Poodle owner, Shanghai

Maisie reacted very differently to other dogs today on a walk! She was much more confident and actually walked in front of me to greet another dog. I called her and she came back to me. That's the best I've seen her since she was a young pup! Can't believe it.
Border Terrier owner, Ledbury

BAT Sticks

And what about later, when the training is long finished? Not only does BAT stick, but the dog continues to improve.

1 year on ...
Having my one to one BAT sessions with Beverley was enlightening. It cleared up a lot of confusion I had about how to deal with other dogs while out with my own reactive and growly dog. it was fascinating to observe my dog and pick up his subtle signalling which Beverley taught me to watch out for. It's such a nice way to work with a dog. His level of reactivity has reduced enormously. He even walked past a cat without a peep - something unheard of before doing this work.
Staffie owner, Hereford

9 months on...
Guy is doing great, & this summer has been so much more enjoyable than previous years! He accompanies us to more places whereas before we might leave him at home. We had a lovely 3 hour walk yesterday in Sutton Park, where there were dogs all over the place. We had a number of successful greetings with bum sniffs & wagging tails all round which was such an achievement. A very happy owner & an even happier dog!
GSD owner, Wolverley

UPDATE: Guy is now able to enjoy family outings which was impossible before. Here he is on the Malvern Hills.

Guy the German Shepherd on a walk on the Malvern Hills