What to put in a Dog First Aid Kit

Where's your Dog First Aid Kit? Never got round to making one? I used not to have one either, but I'd hate to see a dog suffering unnecessarily ... just because I never bothered to have a first aid kit for my dog.

It's easy to put together a few items that can make all the difference in an emergency. You may be in shock yourself, and the last thing you need to worry about is where to find vital wound gels and sprays, tweezers and clean scissors - all the things that will be found in this Dog First Aid Kit.

Once you have your Dog First Aid Kit assembled, you'll be able to deal with cuts, burns, choking, heat exhaustion, snakebites and stings, poisoning, ear problems, and car accidents.

The gels and sprays I recommend are all high-quality Aloe Vera products which are only available person-to-person or via mail order.

Why? Because I've used them for years and I reckon they're the best. What's more they work just the same for us, too. You can read more about each product in this Dog First Aid Kit by clicking on the individual link, or go straight to the Aloe Vera order page to get them delivered direct to you with a 30% discount - at the best price on the net!

In your Dog First Aid Kit you will need:

Your vet's name and phone number PLUS an alternative vet's phone number. Add your Family Doctor's number and the number of the local Hospital, and you have a Dog First Aid Kit that will serve for the whole family!

Some notes to include:


•  should be 38.5° C ± 1°

Pulse rate

•  pulse rate should be 70-120 beats per minute (check your dog's resting pulse rate in advance and leave a note of it in the kit.)

Respiratory rate

•  check your dog's resting breathing rate in advance and leave a note of it in the kit.

Capillary refill (indicator of shock)

•  gums should be pink. Press to get white patch, should recover in 1-2 seconds

A First Aid guide

•  print up our First Aid for Dogs page

Aloe First spray OR Aloe Veterinary spray
Aloe Gelly
Aloe Propolis Creme
Aloe Vera Gel drink
Royal Jelly tablets
Rescue Remedy (Bach Flower Remedies)
Liquid paraffin
Arnica (homeopathic remedy for bruising)
Washing soda crystals

Absorbent cotton wool
Gauze bandages
Roll of sticking plaster
Cotton buds
Elasticated self-stick bandage
Pointed scissors
Thermometer (measure a dog's temperature by inserting in his anus and holding it against the side. If you're really squeamish, clamp it in his armpit, but never put it in his mouth)

Pack all these into a sturdy bag or box, and you are now equipped with a Dog First Aid Kit for whatever the world may throw at you!