If your car breaks down, you may go to evening classes, buy the manual, and mend it ... Or you may just call a mechanic, have him fix it, then explain to you how to keep it running smoothly.

That's how a lot of people feel about their dogs - they just want them fixed! Without having to learn to become a dog trainer themselves.

If that's you, then Homeschooling may be the answer for you. Good for Dogs! will give your dog professional training in your home while you are at work or just busy with your life. We'll meet up regularly for a handover session to show you how to continue. We train the good manners - you just maintain them.

Good Dog - Four Training Sessions + Handover session

Good Dog Plus - Six Training Sessions + Handover session

Equivalent to a 6-week course without having to leave home or learn to be a dog trainer!

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