Home Visits

Thank you for the time spent with us yesterday, Meg is much calmer and not nipping the kids as much. Great progress.
Black Labrador puppy owner, Welland
For some people a home visit is preferable. You may have a dog who is not able to cope with classes, an older dog, or a newly-arrived puppy. Perhaps you're having difficulties with two dogs, your dog barking and lunging at other dogs, or the puppy and the cat, or you simply don't have time in your schedule for regular classes.

Puppy Headstart visits can get you off to a flying start with your new puppy. Beverley has many tips and tricks to make easy work of housetraining, puppy nipping, jumping up, teaching children how to treat the puppy, and all the other things you may not have anticipated.

A home visit can quickly locate the source of problems you may be having, and give you firm guidelines for management as well as training instruction. All training is reward-based and encourages the dog to think. No harsh or punitive methods are ever used or tolerated.

After you came it was as if a light had been switched on in my mind.
German Shepherd puppy owner, Powick
The dog learnt quicker than I did, but Beverley was very patient!
Yellow Labrador owner, Leigh Sinton

Difficult Dogs

Beverley is also experienced at working with dogs who are reactive to other dogs, unfamiliar people, or new experiences. See the Growly Dog page.

Thank you for Archie's first session. This morning we were able to put your advice into action. That meant we had a calm and uneventful walk which was lovely.
Spaniel owners, Pershore

Please feel free to discuss the possibility of a home visit by calling Beverley on 01943 234642, or by using the Contact us Form.
We were so impressed and pleased with what we learned and will definitely keep in touch with Maisie's progress.
Miniature Dachshund owner, Herefordshire
I just wanted to thank you for the time you spent with Toffee on Saturday evening. Your recommendations were great and we are starting to see a difference already.
Border Collie owner, Worcester
You have been a great help with everything and Nutsy is getting so much better. We would recommend you to anyone.
Spaniel owners, Hereford

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