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Autumn 2018

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Puppy Classes

For puppies aged 9-20 Weeks

This class teaches your puppy basic skills to set them up for a lifetime of happiness in your home. Socialisation, handling, and learning their name will be taught along with life skills such as food manners, play manners, calmness, sit, down, coming when called, and walking nicely on the lead. A feature of the classes is learning how to handle your puppy when going shopping, visiting the vet, even Sunday lunch at the pub. Puppies will have the opportunity to play with each other to learn social skills. Here's a video of loose lead walking in a Good for Dogs Puppy Class

New Puppy Owner? Challenging puppy? Struggling with small children and nippy pup? Or just very keen to get it right from the start? Look at our extensive New Puppy special offer, specially designed to take the neurosis out of having a new puppy!

Can't wait till the classes start? No problem! Head over to Brilliant Family Dog and find the Wild Puppy mini-course with some carefully-chosen lessons to get you started with your puppy fast!

The indoor course runs for 6 consecutive weeks with carefully-structured classes, 1 hour in length. There'll be no more than 8 puppies per class, so you'll get lots of individual attention. It's best if everyone in the family comes to class with the puppy, especially the children, so everyone learns along with your pup. Classes are good fun and on completion of your course you'll be awarded a certificate and rosette. Here's a video of a puppy learning a trick in a Good for Dogs Puppy Class

As the training is all force-free, there is no shouting, pushing or pulling, or throwing things - at dogs or people! The classes are suitable for very young puppies. The early weeks are vital, so puppies may join the class as soon as they've had their first vaccination. New courses start every three weeks so if there's space you can start straight away.

Puppy Walks - a concept pioneered by and exclusive to Good for Dogs - are a favourite part of this course, where the whole family can enjoy their puppy having lots of off-lead fun with other dogs while doing some serious learning and making new friends. You will attend at least two walks.

To support the Classes and Puppy Walks there are plentiful written materials with specially-made brief videos to help you with your homework every week - there are even pre-course videos and handouts to get you started as soon as you enrol! The cost of the course is £80 - and that includes the six indoor classes, the two outdoor ones, all the handouts and the videos. Here's a handout on Speedy Housetraining for you to get you started.

Classes will be held near Acle, Norfolk.

Click here to enquire about the next course or call Beverley on 01493 234642.

"I have learnt so much with you and it is so rewarding when your dog is so eager to learn and please."
Spaniel x Collie owner, Bromyard

"We were given practical demonstrations of what to do - that was the best part"
Puppy Owner, Bromyard

"Loved the Puppy Walks, an option which sets this course apart from others."
Shih-tsu owners, Malvern

Home Visits

Pre-Puppy Classes visits are greatly appreciated. Most people are anxious to get it right from the start - put your mind at rest by having a visit in your own home. Learn the basics of housetraining and get advice on all aspects of having a new puppy.

Please feel free to discuss the possibility of a home visit by calling Beverley on 01943234642 or by using the Contact us Form.

"Thank you for the time spent with us yesterday, Meg is much calmer and not nipping the kids as much. Great progress."
Labrador owner, Upper Welland

"Thank you for everything you taught us at Puppy Classes. Molly is doing great - much more confident than before, always coming back when called, letting us clean her paws etc.
Really looking forward to seeing the photos from the last class, nice reminder of our time!"

Spaniel owner, Malvern

"All subjects taught really well, with problem-solving tips and support along the way. We have learnt some very valuable training techniques and have been impressed by the expertise Beverley has shown. Thank you."
Labradoodle owner, Malvern

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