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The Freedom No-Pull Harness from Wiggles Wags and Whiskers

"The Ferrari of walking harnesses" Grisha Stewart, author of Behavior Adjustment Training

The terrific Freedom No-Pull Harness from Wiggles, Wags and Whiskers works really well to gently stop your dog pulling while ensuring there is no pressure on throat or neck.

I've been providing my class students with Wiggles Wags & Whiskers Freedom Harnesses for several years, and now it's available for you to buy direct from me without having to order from the USA.

Do you find yourself recommending these excellent harnesses to friends and clients? Learn more about our brand new Rewards Program here.

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"Just wanted to say the harness is an absolute triumph. I have to say I honestly didn't enjoy walking my pulling boxer, however it is now a pleasure not a chore. Thanks for bringing the harness to the UK. It's been a godsend." Cooper the Boxer in Purple Medium, Merseyside

"The harness works really well." Chloe, Leonberger in Teal Medium, Strensham

"Finally a harness that actually fits! We have spent a small fortune on harnesses for Izzy and this is the first one that works as it should. Gorgeous colours too." Izzy the Boxer in Yellow Medium, Hartlebury

"Harness and lead have been fantastic - highly recommend it!" Rosie, Doberman in Purple Medium, Droitwich

"It has been amazing with Pilot, so I'd like another one for Tika. It works phenomenally - I'm loving it!" Pilot, Springer Spaniel in Teal Small, and Tika, Cocker Spaniel in Purple Small, London

"The harness is brilliant and really helps on walks." April, Beagle in Hot Pink Small, Herefordshire

"I took Hannah on a walk with the harness after you left. It was so much better for us." Hannah, Yellow Lab in Raspberry Large, Worcestershire

"The harness is brilliant." Lorna and Daisy, Great Dane puppy in Rose Pink Medium, Worcester

"I am happy with the harness as the placement of the straps mean his legs seem unrestricted when he's free running." Widget [pictured below], Black Lab in Red Large, Oxford

"I bought a harness which has been very helpful in stopping Woody from pulling." Woody, Bloodhound pup in Red Medium, Hereford

"Walking is now a pleasure with the harnesses." , Bullmastiff puppy, both in Medium, Herefordshire


Measure your dog's girth round the deepest part of the chest. Freedom Harnesses tend to come large but need a snug fit, so order by measurement.

X-Small 14-20"
Small 20-24"
Medium 24-28"
Large 28-32"
X-Large 32-36"
XX-Large (special order only) 36-44"

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